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Thursday, July 19, 2007


Hey Everyone!

Rather than build big giant web pages or post many days worth of pictures on Live Journal I have decided to make a commitment here on BLOGSPOT!


I have so much to show you so lets go back a few weekends to the fourth of July.


4th of July 2007 in Salem MA Massachusetts

Standing in the rain with about 2,000 other Salemites was fun! No one "ooooohed" or "awwwwwed" as the show went off. While this shot does not show a great firework it does show the Friendship boat in Salem Harbor. Off to the right are giant ugly manufacturing buildings that were supposed to bring lots of business to Salem but did not.

We had a great fourth of July!!! I hope you did too!


Anonymous said...

So does this mean you are giving up on posting all of your past 'over due' photos? BOOOOO! :)

Randy said...

No. I will post a pic a day here and have time to work on the many other sites that need finishing up. As they are completed I will provide their links here in BlogSpot.

Hey! How did you find this? I haven't even announced its presence yet!!!

Anonymous said...

Those Ugly manufaturing buildings on the right...look at the small
one far in the distance...that's
where I work.

It's a pit...

Colleen said...

Ok.... i guess i'm slow... when did you move to Salem and why?

Randy said...

Hey Dave!
Sorry to insult your new work place right in the center of lucky dog you. I think you could walk to work now.

And Colleen,
I moved to Salem last summer...don't you ever talk to your brother Pat?

Gee I wonder who else doesn't know?

Why? Aren't you tired of the west coast? Come join me so you can start enjoying sweat drenching humidity, silly drivers and the Boston Pops! What are you waiting for!?

Sal aka Smack_down said...

Hey Randy,

Love the coo photos. I check them out about 2-3 times a week. Its a nice way to stay in touch with an old AFU friend.