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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sacred Playground ?

Beverly Cemetery next to a playground?

In Beverly (one of our neighboring townships and home of the R.M.V.) they find nothing wrong with having a children's playground beside a cemetery. A fence should separate the two don't you think? You wouldn't find this in California.

There are many cemeteries back here and they do not look anything like the ones I have seen in California. In Boston some are situated between high-rise buildings. Most of them do not have fencing around them to keep people out or keep the ghoulies inside.

Swampscott Pier & The Red Rock Bistro

Swampscott Pier

On hotter days toward the afternoon we head for the ocean. Swampscott is our closest ocean front and is always 5 degrees cooler even though it is only 3 miles from us. You can tell a native New Englander by the way they pronounce the name of this town. While it may be spelled SWAMP-SCOTT you pronounce it SWAMP-SKIT.

Swampscott is home to our most visited bar and grill The Red Rock Bistro. Every Monday they have dollar sliders (mini-hamburgers) and corndogs and shrimp and oysters. We usually order one of each with our drinks while we watch the tide go in or out from the restaurant window.

Swampscott Windows View from Red Rock Bistro

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Click "DANVERSPORT YACHT CLUB" to see the boat trip

Click above "DANVERSPORT YACHT CLUB" ad to see 40 photos from the trip!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Boating Route Map & 20 more photos coming

This Google Map shows our 3½ hour route through the Porter River out into the Atlantic Ocean. We stopped and ate our meal at Misery Island aptly named because we were bitten by lots of mosquitos. Then we made a big right turn back into the Porter River heading back to the Danvers Yacht Club. Tomorrow a link here will link to another web page detailing the trip with over 20 photos!
Danvers Yacht Club Boat Cruise

Tomorrow a link here will link to another web page detailing the trip with over 20 photos!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Danvers Yacht Club

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This is a picture taken today from the top level of the Danvers Yacht Club. We have been invited to attend a boating tour of the Danvers Harbor and Salem Harbor tomorrow night so we thought we would check out the location today. As usual we got lost despite Google Map directions. Our Garmin StreetPilot c330 device ran out of power so we relied on Google Maps. Bad idea. We found it but the trip took us 40 minutes which should have only taken 20.

We walked down to the boat at dock A-23 and noticed it was quite larger than the rest of the other boats nearby. So tomorrow night we will be out sailing the harbors. We have made great friends back here in Salem. They enjoy our differing perspective on religion, politics and the state of U.S. Conversation seems effortless allowing everyone to have a great time.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Nubble Lighthouse, York, Maine

Nubble Lighthouse York, Maine

Three weeks ago we visited Maine again. The first time it was March of this year and there was still snow on the ground and most of the stores were not open, also known as the off-season. This time the town was in full swing! Lots of people and great weather and all the antique stores were open. One of the last stops was out on a 2 mile long peninsula.
The Nubble Lighthouse was out across the ocean on it's own separate island.

I took many pictures here and will be releasing a web page featuring some of the Maine townships we have visited. Coming Soon.....

Saturday, July 21, 2007

When it's Time To Relax, One Beer Stands Clear, Beer after Beer, When you've got the time, We've Got the Beer.

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Do you guys have this Light Lime & Salt added Miller yet?

Birdies in the Planter

Birdies in the Planter
Our backyard features a rather large deck. The railing is able to support potted plants. We threw some seeds into some soil and 7 weeks later flowers began to sprout. This attracted all sorts of bugs and birdies. We put out some bird feed. This attracted even more birdies. Our favorites are the cardinals and these yellow birds. Can you spot all three birdies?

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Providence, Rhode Island - State Capitol

Rhode Island State Capital & Bicycle Race

Last month we spent the day in Providence, Rhode Island. Near their capitol was a bicycle race. We parked by a nice green park which was adjacent to a long line of bus depots. From there we walked to a river that is lit on fire! It's called the WaterFire. It is a nightly multi-media installation that works with senses (sound, smell, heat), light, elements (fire, water), and imagination (of the spectators). We didn't stay late enough to see all that but I have seen pictures.

From there we walked up a big hill and got lost and ended up at Brown University. The little town nearby was full of college kids and busy as a Los Angeles traffic jam. We walked down the hill and up to the State Capitol. I walked around it snapping pictures along the way. Great statues abound in circumference.

Providence Rhode Island felt like our little town of Salem, and only 130 miles away... a great day trip.


Hey Everyone!

Rather than build big giant web pages or post many days worth of pictures on Live Journal I have decided to make a commitment here on BLOGSPOT!


I have so much to show you so lets go back a few weekends to the fourth of July.


4th of July 2007 in Salem MA Massachusetts

Standing in the rain with about 2,000 other Salemites was fun! No one "ooooohed" or "awwwwwed" as the show went off. While this shot does not show a great firework it does show the Friendship boat in Salem Harbor. Off to the right are giant ugly manufacturing buildings that were supposed to bring lots of business to Salem but did not.

We had a great fourth of July!!! I hope you did too!