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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Providence, Rhode Island - State Capitol

Rhode Island State Capital & Bicycle Race

Last month we spent the day in Providence, Rhode Island. Near their capitol was a bicycle race. We parked by a nice green park which was adjacent to a long line of bus depots. From there we walked to a river that is lit on fire! It's called the WaterFire. It is a nightly multi-media installation that works with senses (sound, smell, heat), light, elements (fire, water), and imagination (of the spectators). We didn't stay late enough to see all that but I have seen pictures.

From there we walked up a big hill and got lost and ended up at Brown University. The little town nearby was full of college kids and busy as a Los Angeles traffic jam. We walked down the hill and up to the State Capitol. I walked around it snapping pictures along the way. Great statues abound in circumference.

Providence Rhode Island felt like our little town of Salem, and only 130 miles away... a great day trip.

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