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Friday, November 30, 2007

Red Skies at Night ....

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Sunset as a storm leaves. Picture taken from the upstairs PC/Record LP room.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Gearing up......

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Okay winter is really here now so we bought a ¼ cord of wood.
It filled the shed out back. We are gearing up for a big storm to hit this weekend.
With lows in the high 20s and highs in the low 40s we are sure
to receive our first snow in Salem.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The First Snow

The first snow of the 2007 season has fallen on November 20th, 2007. The temperature in Westborough (where I work most of the time) is always 8 degrees colder than Salem so it is no surprise that it would snow here first.
First Snow of 2007 in Westborough Massachusetts MA
This may look like a construction site but it is the front entrance to the PFPC building.

Re-paving the cracking sidewalks has taken far too long and now it is too late.

Winter has arrived!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Tavern On The Water

USS Constitution Boston Harbor
Today I drove Claire to work down by the U.S.S. Constitution at 7am in the morning. This is the famous Tavern on the Water Restaurant down by the Boston Harbor. Of course that's Boston in the background.

Zombie Joe's Underground & LimeCat Family Theatre

As promotions manager for ZJU & LimeCat I enjoy making fliers and designing sound effects and music for their plays. Although I did not design any of the above fliers I am actively promoting these shows on many web sites weeks before the productions run.
Click on the pics to visit the official web site.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Days Flying By....

Well you know when the pictures stop life has caught up with me. So rather than show you what's going on you will have to settle for a wordy explanation. To start the week, my main PC died. Turn it on, lights come on, fans start spinning, hard drives read, but no BIOS CMOS screen. So the motherboard is shot. A new motherboard means a new CPU chip and new RAM and that all costs big money. Luckily I have my ol Pentium 3 750Mhz PC and the trusty Dell laptop but all my pictures are on the hard drive on the big PC which is not working.

Don't worry though. I can download any new pictures I take to the laptop so look for some pictures before this coming Monday.

Also, this last week Claire started her new job in Charlestown just a block or two away from the Bunker Hill Monument. The U.S.S. Constitution is also nearby in the harbor. As a strange coincidence PFPC (the place I work for) has a couple of PCs that need refreshing IN THE SAME BUILDING. So today (Friday) Claire and I will be driving to work together!

Also, this week in preparation for my work contract ending December 13th, I interviewed for a Desktop Support position at the PFPC site in Lynnfield. Lynnfield is only 8 miles from Salem and everyone there is very nice. I have made friends with the IT team during the course of my 20 PC refreshes I have performed there. The interview went well and it appears the only hitch in getting hired there is my current work contract ending December 13th.

Also, this week marks the official beginning of winter weather for us. Today the high will be 45 degrees and it freezes overnight. I love the new cold weather but no one else seems to accept it as well as I do. Time to break out the firewood.

So that's whats going on. Look for some pics to be posted this weekend and by Monday for sure.

Having more fun and work than I can handle in witch country,

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Views from atop the Ferris Wheel

Views from atop Salem MA Ferris Wheel

As promised... Here are four directions taken atop the ferris wheel.
Halloween 2007 in Salem, Massachusetts

Views from atop Salem MA Ferris Wheel

Views from atop Salem MA Ferris Wheel

Views from atop Salem MA Ferris Wheel

Views from atop Salem MA Ferris Wheel