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Monday, July 23, 2007

Nubble Lighthouse, York, Maine

Nubble Lighthouse York, Maine

Three weeks ago we visited Maine again. The first time it was March of this year and there was still snow on the ground and most of the stores were not open, also known as the off-season. This time the town was in full swing! Lots of people and great weather and all the antique stores were open. One of the last stops was out on a 2 mile long peninsula.
The Nubble Lighthouse was out across the ocean on it's own separate island.

I took many pictures here and will be releasing a web page featuring some of the Maine townships we have visited. Coming Soon.....


Colleen said...

Very cool.... I'm sorry i'm out of the loop here on your life... I'll be speaking to Pat very soon about that... Hope you are happy and having a blast back there.


Randy said...

You can ketchup here:

I had been posting on LiveJournal but I wanted to show bigger pictures.

Check out the last few months here:

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Erika said...

Well written article.