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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Swampscott Pier & The Red Rock Bistro

Swampscott Pier

On hotter days toward the afternoon we head for the ocean. Swampscott is our closest ocean front and is always 5 degrees cooler even though it is only 3 miles from us. You can tell a native New Englander by the way they pronounce the name of this town. While it may be spelled SWAMP-SCOTT you pronounce it SWAMP-SKIT.

Swampscott is home to our most visited bar and grill The Red Rock Bistro. Every Monday they have dollar sliders (mini-hamburgers) and corndogs and shrimp and oysters. We usually order one of each with our drinks while we watch the tide go in or out from the restaurant window.

Swampscott Windows View from Red Rock Bistro

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Suburban Voice On-Line said...

I grew up in Swampscott in the 60s to early 80s (first 23 years of my life) and always pronounced it Swamp-scott. I think both pronunciations are fine. Some do it one way, some the other